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During a flute lesson, when I was ten years old, a saxophonist gave a demonstration and it hit me this very instant, that was my instrument. That is the tone that I want to play. At nineteen I founded my first band. With Bob Marley, Burning Spear, The Meters and Fela Kuti as our mentors, we played Reggae, Afro and Funk. Sometime later, I wanted more and discovered Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, Kenny Garrett, Steve Coleman, Dexter Gordon and John Coltrane and, because of them, a new musical world. That was the start of my music studies, which I concluded in 2003 with a Diploma from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zurich (today ZHdK). My life is music and, as in life, my music flows, changes and combines anew. There is no such thing as a standstill. Together with my saxophone, I have toured through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Israel and England. I have played in numerous formations with differing musical styles: Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Fusion, Gypsy, Afro, Reggae, Pop and Rock. In addition, I have been spinning turntables with Dub, Dancehall, Reggae, Funk, Dubstep and Electronica. From this emerged my personal fusion of electronica with jazz: Saxophone combined with new beats or DJ sets. Currently I am still inspired by this impact of fusion, or simply by straight ahead jazz-funk. Interesting is what pleases. In music there are no limits, these only exist in the mind and need to be extended constantly.

Based in Zurich, I play in various formations practically every musical style: Alone with playback, in duo or up to big band, as well as with bands such as the Black Earth Band, Andrea Janser&Mister Lunatic, Moiré, Falcone Housband and more.
I teach saxophone in various music schools or to private individuals and coach professionals or bands. As co-initiator, I run our own music studio in Zurich Kreis 5 and, together with friends, organise the unique weekly jam session in Restaurant Falcone in Zurich Wiedikon. With my own soundsystem Audiotribe® I go on tour as a DJ to clubs and festivals.
Academy of Contemporary Music, Graduate of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zurich (today ZHdK).
Studies under, among others, Peder Rizzi, Martin Bürgi, David Regan, Carles Peres.




Soul - Funk - Jazz - Pop - Afro - Reggae

Cover Band with a large repertoire
and a stunning live performance


The liaison between Andrea Janser and Mr. Lunatic is fresh and full of life.
A little bit crazy are both of them, as well as Andrea Janser and also the 5 heads of Mr. Lunatic.
Together they laugh, sometimes go wild, getting into risks, but the most they play music from the heart and for the heart.



Moiré delivers colorful storytelling through elaborate harmonies, exciting improvisations and progressive song structures.


Dub - Downbeat - Electronica

Audio Tribe is a DJ Soundsystem
founded by Patrik Gisler and Mike Ryrie




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I give tuition in baritone, tenor, alt and soprano saxophone in various music schools as well as to private individuals, in all styles, ranging from jazz, funk, fusion, pop and latin to classic. As instructor, I adapt to the individual wishes of my students. With the appropriate selection of technical exercises, demonstrative examples and individual music preferences, everyone is able to achieve a level at which one can express himself musically in a relatively short time. This stimulates the pleasure of playing and encourages to practice further. With advanced students, professionals and bands, I support and coach the further development of existing stylesas well as the introduction of new styles, improvisation and sound development.

I give private tuition either in my studio in Zurich, Kreis 5, or any other preferred location. Tuition tariffs are mutually agreed upon in advance. The tariffs include tuition, studio costs or my travel expenses.

Please submit your requests for tuition or questions HERE. Please inform me which type of saxophone you play or wish to learn, which style of music you prefer and if you are a beginner or how long you have been playing saxophone. For professionals and bands, please indicate in which direction you wish to develop further.


Event reservations: I am available as a solo performer, in a duo or in a band. I play as saxophonist or DJ at weddings, birthdays and corporate events, on large and small stages, as front man, sideman or in bands in all types of imaginable and unimaginable projects. I am also available for studio recordings.

For tuition information or a booking for your event, please give a short description of your project/event under 'Your message'.


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